Friday, June 18, 2021

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Shocking video shows masked gunman opening fire on NYC sidewalk

A 10-year-old girl and her kid brother were trampled and nearly shot when their trip to buy some candy became a first-hand look at the city’s escalating gun violence, according to cops and chilling video.

At least a dozen shots whizzed by the terrified children as the black-masked gunman repeatedly aimed for his fallen target — who knocked the kids down while trying to escape.

The shocking footage shows the 5-year-old boy’s legs shaking in fear at one point amid the bloodshed.

Miraculously, neither child was hit.

The mayhem occurred on Sheridan Avenue near Mt. Eden Parkway — right outside the little kids’ apartment building — just before 7 p.m., police and sources said.

The shooter fled on a scooter, cops said.

Screenshot of the gunman shooting at the 24-year-old.
The video shows a 24-year-old man jumping for his life at innocent bystanders, using them as protection.
Screenshot of the shooting.
The victim was shot three times, once in the back and once in each leg.
Screenshot of the shooting.
Despite being shot at at near-point-blank range, the woman and child involved in the shooting weren’t injured.

The targeted man was shot three times — once in the back and once in each leg — and privately taken to Bronx Lebanon Hospital, where he was in surgery Friday evening, police said. He is expected to survive, sources said.

As local residents decried the bloodshed in the borough — where incidents of gun violence have more than doubled so far this year compared to the same period in 2020 — a friend of the kids’ family said relatives hope to raise money so the traumatized siblings and their parents can move.

The parents of the children, who were on a walk to get some candy, talked to police but were too scared to file a complaint in the case, law-enforcement sources said.

”The gun violence is too much,’’ a 31-year-old local woman told The Post on Friday.

”Everything is just too much. It’s like he was careless… heartless,” she said of the shooter.

The woman, who would only give a first name of Kat, said she doesn’t feel safe in the city anymore.

“I see all this nonsense everyday all day,” she said. “You know what I’m saying. I’ve got a baby.”

After firing shots, the gunman fled on a scooter.
After firing shots, the gunman fled on a scooter.
The gunman fired at least 12 times, sources said.
The gunman fired at least 12 times, sources said. 

Nilda Hock, a 75-year-old woman who lives near where the shooting took place, said, “It’s very sad.”

“We heard the shots. I said, ‘Oh my God.’

“A lot of bad things happen in this neighborhood,” she said.

Police believe that the 24-year-old shot man was taken to the hospital in a white Lexus with temporary New Jersey plates, which was later found abandoned near the hospital, according to sources.

It is not clear if its temporary plates were legal.

On Wednesday, NYPD brass and the mayor announced a crackdown on illegal paper plates to try to curb shootings, since gunmen’s getaway cars frequently use them.

Out of the five boroughs, The Bronx has seen the largest increase in shootings this year compared to 2020, NYPD stats show.

As of Sunday, police recorded 211 shootings so far for 2021, as opposed to 97 last year.
Nearly 250 people have fallen victim to the surging gunplay so far this year.

Kat said the solution to the amount of gun violence is more police in the area.

”They should [be here] because too many people have guns around,” she said.

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