Saturday, June 26, 2021

Why so many black are in jail or should be.

A motorist allegedly caught a man trying to steal his car outside a 7-Eleven — and then recorded video of himself holding the would-be crook at gunpoint until Dallas police arrived at the scene.

What are the details?

The video begins with the motorist pointing his gun at another man who is face-down in the parking lot next to the car.

"Yeah, man, you thought you gonna jump in my car and pull out," the gun owner tells the alleged crook before hilariously adding, "And it's a stick ... can you even drive a [expletive deleted] stick?"

Seconds later, police arrive and handcuff the alleged crook and have him sit on a curb.

Twitter video screenshot via @TPostMillennial

Twitter video screenshot via @TPostMillennial

Twitter video screenshot via @TPostMillennial

At that moment, the gun-toting motorist appears to inform a 911 operator that officers have arrived.

Here's a portion of the clip:

What else do we know?

In the full 20-minute clip Instagram user flightdogg_ posted Tuesday of his triumphant takedown, he tells another officer he had entered the 7-Eleven to get a drink and then saw the suspect sitting behind the wheel of his car and attempting to drive away.

The motorist said he needed to leave his car running due to a mechanical issue and added that the would-be thief seemed as though he was looking down and having trouble putting the car in gear.

With that he told the officer he drew his gun and ordered the alleged thief to get down on the ground before he contacted authorities.

Amid the questioning that continued to take place, the gun owner and police spoke to each other in friendly and respectful manners.

Not the same could be said for the gun owner's feeling toward his adversary: "Lucky I didn't shoot his stupid ass," he noted in the longer clip.

Suspect taken away

The longer video also showed the handcuffed suspect being placed into the back of one of three patrol cars that showed up at the scene.

At that moment, a woman is heard off camera telling the gun owner, "Let me tell you, I have never seen that happen, and [I want to] congratulate you on protecting yourself."

"Thank you, ma'am," the gun owner replied.

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