Monday, August 23, 2021

Remember Benghazi? For the Left people are disposable from later abortion to Embassy staff

'It would be better to die under the Taliban's bullet': US diplomatic cable reveals Kabul embassy's Afghan staff feel BETRAYED by America and are being attacked by Taliban outside the airport where US troops are saving dehydrated kids

  • US Embassy staff in Kabul say they feel 'betrayed' and 'deeply disheartened' by the US 
  • 'It would be better to die under the Taliban's bullet' than face the bloody chaos outside the Kabul airport, one staff member said 
  • Temperatures have been between 85 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit around the airport; desperate mob of tens of thousands of people with young kids have been trampled or crushed against the airport gates
  • Heat exhaustion and dehydration is affecting many, and items like water bottles are in short supply 
  • A few videos and pictures of US Marines caring for infants and young children outside the airport have gone viral and show a fleck of humanity in otherwise bleak times  
  • Biden said on Sunday that about 11,000 people have been evacuated in the last 36 hours
  • US commercial airlines have been recruited and agreed to help the evacuation  

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