Friday, August 20, 2021

The cost of ideological revenge: Trump Derangement

Appalling: Biden Scrapped Trump Afghanistan Rescue Plan

Here’s the proof.

Raheem Kassam revealed on Wednesday that under President Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo’s State Department had ordered the creation of a “Contingency and Crisis Response” office whose job would be avoiding “a future Benghazi-style situation for Americans overseas.”

But while Biden lied to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday that “We planned for every contingency,” behind the scenes, Biden’s State Department had already “revoked the funding and the approval” for Trump’s response team, according to Kassam.

Biden didn’t plan for every contingency. He killed our ability to respond to the most likely contingency.

Think that’s an exaggeration? Hardly.

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As national security expert Bruno Maçães bitterly noted on Twitter early Thursday:

By closing Bagram Air Base first, Biden shut down America’s last and best military base and logistical center in Afghanistan, removing any ability to respond quickly and effectively. Closing Bagram first also sent a message to the Afghan national government and the army we spent 20 years building up: America is bugging out and you’re on your own.

Is it any wonder the Afghans folded so quickly to the Taliban?

Closing Bagram also gave the Taliban thousands and thousands of potential Western hostages. Ditching Trump’s plan for a Contingency and Crisis Response team meant that we didn’t even have the assets in place to get new assets in place.

“Don’t,” Barack Obama once warned, “underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”

I try not to, but his talent for just that is boundless.

But here’s the best part, the part that will make your blood really boil.

Poor Slow Joe can’t get enough good rest at Camp David and is retreating even further away to Delaware.

How about that? While thousands of Westerners risk becoming Taliban hostages, and while more thousands of Afghan allies face Taliban reprisals to themselves and their families, President Biden is fleeing from cushy Camp David to his home in Wilmington where the sheets are more comfy-cozy.

Lest you think that Biden might be losing sleep because his conscience is bothering him, let me finish with this golden oldie, from the last time Biden wanted to bug out early:

In 2010, Biden reportedly told Richard Holbrooke, then Obama’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, that the US had to leave Afghanistan regardless of the cost for the Afghan people.

According to Holbrooke, when Biden was asked about America’s obligation to maintain their presence in Afghanistan to protect vulnerable civilians, he scornfully replied by referencing the US exit from southeast Asia in 1973.

‘F*** that, we don’t have to worry about that. We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.’

No, that’s not what Nixon and Kissinger did. When we left South Vietnam, it was at peace with the North. When the North broke the peace treaty and invaded the South in a surprise attack — backed fully by Communist China and the USSR — Biden was one of the many Democrats who voted to deny South Vietnam any and all aid.

So remember this: Those Afghans falling from airplanes or being shot in the streets of Kabul by the Taliban aren’t the first of our allies that Conscienceless Joe condemned to die.

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