Friday, January 28, 2022

Anti Semitism is a feature for the socialist left

Kamala is slammed for attending inauguration of Honduras leader with anti-Semitic ties on Holocaust Memorial Day because she needs her help to stem border crisis

  • Vice President Kamala Harris is attending the inauguration Thursday of new socialist Honduran President Xiomara Castro
  • Castro's inner circle has made problematic statements about Jewish people and Israel 
  • Castro's husband Manuel Zelaya, an ex-president, claimed 'Israeli mercenaries' were torturing him with high-frequency radiation 
  • Castro's running mate, Salvador Nasralla, said Jews control the global money supply 
  • Nasralla also said in 2020 that Hondorus' outgoing president Juan Orlando Hernández's 'boss is the government of Israel' 
  • During Nasralla's 2017 run for the presidency, which he lost, his wife Iroshka Elvir had to apologize to Jewish organizations for praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler 
  • 'The newspaper published that I admire Hitler, but it is not true, I never told them that I admired Hitler,' she told Jewish groups 
  • Harris is making the trip as part of her role as point person to the northern triangle countries as she tries to address the root causes of migration 

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