Wednesday, January 26, 2022

This couldn't possibly be caused by the abolition of judicial progressivism.

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Rapaport films brazen thief sauntering out of Upper East Side Rite Aid with bags full of stolen goods while security guard does NOTHING: Actor slams NYC's woke bail reform and says 'we have to put more of these criminals in jail'

  • Michael Rapaport caught footage of a blatant shoplifting incident on Tuesday at a Rite Aid on the Upper East Side in New York City
  • The actor and comedian said he was 'disgusted' by seeing a man fill two bags with stolen goods before nonchalantly strolling past security and leaving
  • The Rite Aid in the video will be closing on February 15, with thefts a major reason, the pharmacy chain announced late December 
  • Rapaport said he thinks Eric Adams could right the ship and that he hopes the new mayor 'lives up to our expectations'

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