Friday, May 20, 2022

From Jan. 1 to May 13- 135 educators arrested for child sex crimes


During a spirited rant against teachers who groom students last week, Joe Rogan claimed that educators are being arrested for sexually abusing students "every couple days." According to a new analysis conducted by Fox News, Rogan's alarming estimates regarding teachers sexually abusing students may have actually been conservative. 

Fox News analyzed local news stories regarding arrests of teachers and teachers' aides for child sex-related crimes between Jan. 1 and May 13. Shockingly, the news outlet recorded 135 educators being arrested in that brief timeframe of 132 days – which equates to an average of more than one teacher arrested for a child sex crime per day. 

According to the research, the offenders were overwhelmingly men – 102 male teachers were charged, accounting for 76% of all the crimes against children.

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