Posted BY: J.D. Rucker

The differences in coverage of crimes in America have never been more glaring. Heavily biased corporate media plays favorites, as they always have, but today’s Mainstream Media Industrial Complex has taken a full-blown suppress-or-amplify approach to the news that is both despicable and destructive. They suppress anything that defies their narrative and they amplify anything that supports it.

The latest blatant examples are connected. On one hand we have the Buffalo mass murder that happened over the weekend and on the other hand we have the Waukesha mass murder that happened last December. Buffalo’s murders were perpetrated by a White male racist. Waukesha’s murders were perpetrated by a Black male racist. One would think that the level of coverage would be approximately the same since both hideous crimes represent the worst aspects of America, but that’s not the case. There has already been more coverage by corporate media of the Buffalo attack in one day than there has been of the Waukesha attack in over five months.