Monday, May 9, 2022

Who the Biden administration hires

Biden’s nominee for Director of the CIA is an autistic, black, transsexual, cocaine addict

Actual photo of Biden’s appointee to Office of Nuclear Energy (really!)

Not that I have anything against such a person. Some of my best friends are autistic, and most of my readers are. They’re probably also transsexuals or have at least thought about it (it is sort of weirdly interesting from an anthropological perspective, sort of like Neanderthals and dinosaurs). And cocaine can’t be any worse than, say, instant coffee, Australian wine or transsexualism.

As for being black, anyone with half a brain identifies as such. Because these days that will get you admitted to medical school (many college applicants do in fact falsely claim to be black) and appointed to the Supreme Court. It also gets you immunity against prosecution for slapping anyone you damn well please at any time you damn well please, and perhaps shooting them too. Soon, it might also get you some reparations green. 

Me and my friends that look like America are really excited about our upcoming appointments to the Biden administration. (NB: Mine Microsoft typing program, Word, are sure as hell woke because they see nothing wrong with that sentence or this one.)

Me and my friends will join Biden’s most recent appointment, his new Press Secretary pictured here. She’s a suicide-surviving (give her credit – surviving a suicide attempt is a difficult achievement unless a person has zero competence in operating a gun or mis-operating a bridge) black, lesbian, unmarried mother whose partner – here’s the disgusting part – is a CNN correspondent.

We’ll also join other diversity hires by Biden, whose hiring shows Biden to be a great president committed to finding people who are the most qualified for the job and whose alphabet-ed-ness is just a nice sidelight for which he and they should be congratulated as wonderful people.

Here are a few other examples, though space does not permit a comprehensive list.

There’s his appointment of the LGBTQ activist in the title picture above (yes, really!) to the Office of Nuclear Energy. This person advertises that they are “animal roleplay enthusiasts.” (The tail is a nice touch, huh?) And yes, this individual uses “they” and “them” as first person singular pronouns; they apparently has a mouse in their pocket, or something worse.

Next up is his Vice President who’s a half-black, seven-eighths-autistic woman with Tourette’s Syndrome.

Then there’s his nominee for the Supreme Court named Brown-Jackson, known to Biden as Black-Woman, though she herself is apparently unsure about the woman part since she’s not a biologist.

There’s not actually a current vacancy at the Supreme Court, but no matter. What’s important is that with the giggly aid of that loquacious Vice President there is currently a Democrat majority in the Senate to confirm her. They might in fact confirm and warehouse a few dozen, which will come in handy if they accomplish their mission that is in progress at the homes of the conservative Justices.

Biden’s other judicial appointments are 65% POC’s, 73% women and 100% far left.

Let’s not forget Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health, the transsexual who says “there is no argument” among doctors that defenseless children should receive irreversible hormones and puberty blocker drugs to groom them for transsexuality. (He/she is lying; there is a hot debate within medicine and psychiatry about such treatment, and it has been discontinued in much of Europe including Sweden after tragic outcomes).

Another recent appointment is an odd 33-year-old woman to head the newly created Disinformation Governance Board (“Ministry of Truth” was already spoken for by George Orwell) who made and published on YouTube a cringeworthy Mary Poppins video about disinformation while dismissing the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation.

Let’s be serious for a moment even if she can’t be. First, I’ll admit that the title of this column is false. It’s Biden’s son Hunter that has some of those traits, not his nominee for the CIA, insofar as we know. But it’s telling that you thought the title might be accurate.

Importantly, one statement I made at the outset is true. I have no objection to people for their bedroom habits or bad singing, and I pay no attention to skin colors. (I’m told that paying no attention to skin colors makes me racist under the new rules. I’m supposed to take note of skin colors so that I can discriminate in favor of POCs and against whites and Asians.)

What I do object to is the abolition of merit. High level government posts are very important and difficult jobs. Some of these people no doubt perform those jobs ably, but some probably don’t. When you hire people on the basis of skin color and sexual habits, rather than merit, that happens. Moreover, abolishing merit has a snowballing effect. When people realize that they are not rewarded for being meritorious, fewer and fewer will go to the effort of it. 

Americans deserve the best qualified people serving in their government. I strongly suspect that Biden’s obsession with gender and race means we’re not getting them there, and soon won’t get them anywhere. 

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