Saturday, June 18, 2022

Precisely why I oppose's grooming

A drag queen performer defended shows for children by saying that drag shows teach kids that there are no boundaries and that nobody can tell them who they are.

In a video published by the far-left "Now This" news media outlet, performer Ginger Ladd explained that drag queens are smart enough to change their shows to be age appropriate for their audience. 

"I'm desperate to show everybody my love, and have them receive that love for what it is," says Ladd on the video. 

"Whether or not it's a show in which it's 21 plus and we're doing some good old Nicki Minaj," Ladd explained, "or whether or not it's an all family affair and we get to do homages to Disney." 

As Ladd continues talking, the video shows him performing with children handing him money at a drag show.

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