Friday, January 20, 2023

A scene repeated in every city

EXCLUSIVE: Inside America's Zombieland: Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood looks like a scene from the WALKING DEAD as grim photos show 'tranq' addicts shooting up in broad daylight on sidewalks

  • Exclusive pictures of Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia - long known as 'ground zero' for the city's drug epidemic - reveal a shocking scene of drug devastation  
  • Many addicts are injecting themselves in broad daylight and lying passed out in the streets
  • More than 90 per cent of the heroin now found in Philadelphia contains xylazine, or 'tranq', which was developed in 1962 as an anesthetic for veterinary procedures, and its use has soared since the pandemic
  • It causes a blackout stupor along with deep, festering wounds that frequently lead to amputations 
  • Typical treatments for overdoses are not effective and the FDA issued an alert about the drug in November

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