Friday, May 19, 2023

We are being turned into an impoverished third world anti for the benefit of Chinese imperialism! The American left is to blame

China thumbs its nose at the climate cult

China thumbs its nose at the climate cult
AP Photo/Sam McNeil

While Joe Biden is jawboning with G7 leaders in Japan, the China-Central Asia Summit is underway in Xi’an today. Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the conference today with a speech that Western leaders and the rest of the world should be paying attention to. Xi is looking to firm up China’s ties with Central Asian nations such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. This is part of his nation’s Belt and Road initiative, designed to expand China’s economic and military influence as part of a challenge to American global hegemony. But one major part of this announcement should be pointed out to the climate cult that currently dominates domestic policy in the United States and much of Western Europe. China is massively ramping up its oil and gas production and building new pipelines to feed the growing energy needs of the region. They’re also building new nuclear plants. So how is that global warming panic working out for you?

Chinese leader Xi Jinping promised to build more railway and other trade links with Central Asia and proposed jointly developing oil and gas sources at a meeting Friday with the region’s leaders that highlighted Beijing’s growing influence.

The two-day China-Central Asia Summit in the western city of Xi’an came as President Joe Biden and other leaders of the Group of Seven major economies met in Japan. It reflected Beijing’s efforts to develop trade and security networks centered on China, which resents U.S. domination of global affairs…

Xi proposed establishment of a China-Central Asia partnership to develop oil and gas sources. He said Beijing wants to speed up construction of an additional pipeline to supply Central Asian gas to China’s energy-hungry economy and to promote nuclear power.

I sincerely hope that people will pay attention to this, though it should have been obvious all along. Up until now, China has been considered a “developing nation” in terms of carbon emissions, so most of the alarmists continue to turn a blind eye to the way they ignore restrictions being put in place by other nations. They scoff at the idea of paying into global climate funds. China has a population of 1.4 billion, as compared to the roughly 330 million in the United States. India has even more now and they don’t do crap all about climate change either beyond paying lip service to it.

Meanwhile, China is bringing new coal-fired power plants online every week. They’re building pipelines and expanding their oil and natural gas resources. Their energy needs are expanding as they grow and seek to displace the United States as a global superpower and they’re doing what it takes to power those efforts. Meanwhile, here in the United States, power plants are being taken offline with no plans to replace the lost energy. We’re being pushed into rolling blackouts and the government is coming to take away your gas stoves. And it’s all supposedly being done to prevent an increase in average global temperatures of one degree in the coming decades.

You are all being played for fools. The green energy mandates are making a small number of people very wealthy (not coincidentally, many of them are huge Democratic donors) while everyone else is being told they’ll have to make do with less energy, give up their air conditioning, buy electric cars, and all the rest of this madness. You could slash America’s already decreased “carbon footprint” in half and you’ll still never make up for everything that China, India, and other non-suicidal nations are putting into the air.

Enough is enough. If you’re one of the people paying lip service to this while realizing what a farce it all is, you need to stop. We need energy to drive our economy, our military, and everything that we rely on as a “normal” civilized nation. And we’re sitting on some of the greatest supplies of energy on the planet that don’t require any “magic” to make them work for us. But we are being led by maniacs who are willing to collapse the power grid and leave us freezing or sweltering in the dark, all in the name of a fantasy. Countries with the largest populations on earth are laughing at us, and rightly so. It’s time to take control of the circus back from the clowns and get down to business again. Our adversaries are on the rise and we are about to be eclipsed as the dominant superpower in the world and the prevailing supporter of good against evil. It has to stop immediately or the climate cult will turn us into a third-world nation.

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