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“I Only Treat Real Women”: French Gynaecologist Refuses to Treat Transsexual, Angers Trans Activists...he doesn't have treat the mentally ill

“I Only Treat Real Women”: French Gynaecologist Refuses to Treat Transsexual, Angers Trans Activists

Euronews TV: Gynaecologist said he had “no skills to treat men, even if they have shaved their beards and come to tell my secretary that they have become women.”

Refusing to bow down to the woke dogma of “trans women are women,” a doctor in south west France earned the wrath of gender activists by refusing to treat a transsexual as woman.

The male gynecologist Victor Acharian, medically trained to treat women, refused to examine a transsexual saying that it was beyond his professional expertise. “I only treat real women,” the physician told the French TV channel Euronews. “I don’t know how to treat [transsexuals] and I don’t mind being called ignorant.”

The doctor’s polite yet principled stance angered the transsexual and his partner, who accused him of being a “transphobe.”

“Acharian explains to Sud Radio that the couple came in to make an appointment and that his secretary told them that the gynaecologist was not specialised in care for them and would refer them to another physician,” the Christian News Europe (CNE) reported Friday. “However, in response, the couple started to attack the secretary verbally with accusations of transphobia, Acharian emphasises.”

The Euronews reported Friday:

The French doctor admitted he didn’t have the training or knowledge to treat trans patients – as experts say there’s no need for a trans woman to visit a gynaecologist at all.

“I only treat real women” – that’s what French gynaecologist Victor Acharian told a 26-year-old transgender woman he refused to treat in his clinic in the south-west of the country recently.

The transgender woman, accompanied by her boyfriend, went to a gynaecological appointment when, after minutes of waiting, the secretary told her that the doctor had refused to see her.

“I told her that I’m not competent, but I can guide you. I can refer you to services that can take better care of you. But after I said that, things went south,” gynaecologist Victor Acharian told Euronews.

“I thought I was being honest when I said it wasn’t my speciality. I don’t know how to treat them and I don’t mind being called ignorant,” he added.

“You’re transphobic!” the young woman reportedly shouted as she left the consulting room. According to the gynaecologist, the patient began to insult his secretary, reacting violently to the refusal.

The woman’s partner, still in shock, left a comment on the clinic’s Google reviews complaining about what had happened.

The doctor replied with a message addressed to a “gentleman”, claiming that he treated “real women”.

He justified himself by saying that he had “no skills to treat men, even if they have shaved their beards and come to tell my secretary that they have become women”.

He also asked the woman to take it upon herself to tell other transgender people that they were not welcome in his clinic.

The gynecologist “aroused the indignation of activist groups,” French newspaper Le Figaro reported Monday. The transsexual and his male partner left a “bad Google review” and their supporters hurled online “insults” at him, the newspaper report suggests. The activist group Stop Homophobia Association was going to “file a complaint” against the doctor, the Le Figaro added.

Considering the outrage in the French media and among the woke activists, it is only a matter of time before the doctor—fearing for his safety and career—will be hauled before an angry crowed and forced to apologize. Any defiance, no matter how isolated or insignificant, has to be subdued. In the spirit of Maoist Cultural Revolution, heretics are socially ostracized and publicly humiliated to deter others from daring to question the newly-established gender order.

Across the West, attempts to defend women’s rights from the corroding effect of gender ideology have been met with anger, hostility, and outright violence from the so-called trans activists. While mouthing slogans such as “Trans Rights Are Women’s Rights,” activists have been demanding the right of transsexuals to dominate women’s sports, to be admitted to their prisons, and to use their bathrooms.

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