Saturday, April 13, 2024

TERROR: Islamist Rampages in Australia...where is the outrage from the Islamic community? Crickets because they approve!

TERROR: Islamist Rampages in Australia, Videos Show His Deadly Attack and the Hero Who Confronted Him

By Bonchie | 8:55 AM on April 13, 2024 
Dean Lewins/AAP Image via AP

An Islamic terrorist went on a stabbing rampage in a Sydney mall, killing at least six people and stabbing a nine-month-old baby in the process. There was little doubt of the motive given the attack happened outside an Israeli restaurant in a Jewish neighborhood. Clear pictures of the attacker have also been released along with several videos.

At one point, the terrorist was confronted by a lone hero, holding him off from continuing to stab people with what appears to be a pole or a bat. 

A police officer arrived on the scene and dispatched the attacker, though it's unclear how long it took for the response to arrive. Unfortunately, it wasn't soon enough for the mother of a nine-month-old baby. She was murdered while the baby was stabbed but remains alive. The following interview took place before her passing was reported.

As is often the case following these attacks, law enforcement revealed that the suspect was already "known." Australian authorities are choosing not to release his name at this time.

Because the internet is a cesspool, the typical pro-Hamas mouthpieces are already trying to blame Israel for an attack on a Jewish area.

This is a developing story.

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