Tuesday, June 4, 2024

'In major German cities we have a problem with certain young men with a migrant background who despise our state.'

Adding insult to injury, the mayor of Mannheim insinuated the victims of the terrorist attack were partially to blame.

Citizens' Movement, Pax Europa (BPE), is a German-based activist group that raises awareness about "the human rights violations caused by political Islam and about the existential threats that the increasing spread and influence of political Islam poses to free, democratic societies."

BPE was preparing for an anti-jihad demonstration in the southwestern German town of Mannheim on Friday. Before the rally could begin in the supposed knife-free zone, an Afghan migrant armed with a hunting knife affirmed the activists' worst fears.

Sulaiman Ataee, 25, left Afghanistan for Europe as a teen and has been living in Heppenheim, Hesse, with his wife and two children.

"He was inconspicuous, we greeted each other normally," one neighbor told Bild. "But recently, about the last year, I noticed that he had changed. Before, he was helpful, then he suddenly became colder. He was suddenly more withdrawn. And also more aggressive."

Ataee's guise of assimilation fully slipped Friday when he savagely attacked BPE activist and German politician Michael Stürzenberger, 54, along with four other demonstrators — ages 25, 36, and 42 — with a knife just before noon.

A German police officer, identified by German media as Rouven L., rushed to intervene, reflexively tackling one of the anti-jihad activists. According to German authorities, after intervening, Rouven was "attacked by the suspect and stabbed several times in the head from behind."

Graphic footage of the incident shows the bearded radical — whom Bild deemed a "fanatical Islamist" — sneak up on the officer who had tackled the BPE activist, then slit the officer's throat. Another cop responded just a moment too late, laying out the radical with a well-placed bullet.

All of the victims were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Rouven underwent emergency surgery and was placed in an artificial coma. He ultimately succumbed to his injuries Sunday afternoon. The GoFundMe campaign for Rouven's family has raised over $409,737, despite initially only asking for around $22,000.

BPE noted on Facebook that Stürzenberger survived a stab to the thigh, a stab to the leg right above the knee, an injury to the upper arm, and a "gaping open wound" in the side of his face, underscoring this was "what a single Afghan 'refugee' can do with a knife."

The Islamic terrorist alternatively survived his shooting by police. State police raided Ataee's apartment Saturday and confiscated computers and storage devices.

The Daily Mail reported that some neighbors indicated that the killer's wife disappeared before the raid and may have known what Ataee planned on doing.

'In major German cities we have a problem with certain young men with a migrant background who despise our state.'

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