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It just sort of appeared so we could reduce in person voting and increase fraudulent mail in ballots

Fauci’s Evidence 

It just sort of appeared. You know, from nowhere.

It’s taken me a few days to get round to it but I wanted to say a few words about Fauci’s behind closed doors testimony in January 2024, which has only just been publicly released by the Republican members of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

The text that has now been released is remarkable in several ways. For convenience, and hopefully to give a fuller sense of how impactful this all is, I’ll bullet point the key admissions first: 

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  1. When asked where the 6 foot social distancing rules came from, Fauci replied that “they just sort of appeared”.

  2. Fauci admitted there were never any scientific studies (any scientific evidence) for the social distancing rules. Asked if he had seen any studies supporting a 6 foot social distancing guideline he replied “I was not aware of studies that [did that]”. 

  3. Asked if he had ever seen any evidence to support the masking of children he replied that he didn’t recall doing so, but “might have”. 

  4. Asked about the cognitive learning, educational impacts and psychological impacts of mask wearing on children, Fauci admitted that no studies were done to assess these impacts as they developed.

  5. Fauci admitted that lab leak origin was not a conspiracy theory. 

Now none of the above is exactly revelatory for anyone sensible. In fact, the lack of any scientific or rational grounding for social distancing was obvious in 2020 to anyone capable of applying their own critical reasoning rather than instructions from media and government. 

Lots of us instinctively recoiled from the totalitarian aspects of it all-the uniformity, the propaganda, the social pressure, the hysteria. Or we saw the absurdity and the illogic of it. For those who resisted, social distancing never made any sense. Just seeing people putting three masks on their faces or cuddling through plastic sheets made it obvious to us that this was an exceptionally stupid episode of mass hysteria. The little arrows on the ground made us laugh. The rules seemed designed to show that the whole thing was nonsense because the rules were patently nonsensical. 

Both the behaviour of those who obeyed the most, and the absurdity of the rules themselves which pretended that a virus follows directional arrows as obediently as some humans do, quickly told us that all of the COVID precautions were Lewis Carroll rules-the type of exponentially ridiculous stern laws that a sentient playing card might deliver to a young girl traversing a bizarre fantasyland. 

What astonished us at the time was how other people failed to register that the rules were screamingly and obviously nonsensical. 

Now, though, even those who were part of the madness are gradually coming around to acting shocked by it, four years after telling us that we were selfish granny killers for spotting the absurdities sooner. Fauci’s testimony was reported for example in the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK, and not in any excusatory or sympathetic fashion. It's a tremendous shift in terms of what legacy media is prepared to now admit and in terms of what legacy media will try to excuse or cover up. 

It’s also, of course, a huge volte-face on the part of Fauci himself, and the medical establishment he represents. These people have now full on admitted that social distancing was a nonsense with no scientific basis, an application of a rule plucked out of thin air in terms of whether it had any legitimacy or rational reason to exist. And they have pretty much admitted the same with masks, too. 

Collectively, the four pillars of the Covidian Cult, akin to the fanatically adhered to pillars of Islam, were lockdowns, masks, social distancing and mRNA vaccines. Dr Fauci was one of the most powerful advocates of all of these things, and he became the public face of each demand (in the US at least). But here we have one of the architects, without too much pushing, admitting that two of those four pillars were never set in any scientific foundation at all. 

Now what this admission does is utterly destroy the entire Covidian argument. Because the argument was that we should “follow the Science”. The argument was that technocratic experts had decided the course of action to follow, and that had no right to question that course because they were the experts and we were simply “Tracy from Facebook”. Remember all those sneering, elitist, logically fallacious appeals to pure authority? Remember all those memes and commentaries about the stupid, ignorant passenger who questions the skilled pilot in the middle of a flight? Or how about the more close to the mark one of the fool who tells the heart surgeon, the brain surgeon, or the ER doctor how to do their job? 

What’s truly amazing about Fauci’s testimony from January is not actually the admission that there was no real science behind the things that were asked for. Anyone who knew the product specifications of most masks knew that already. Anyone who bothered to know the size of the gaps in the mesh of a mask, compared to the size of the particles of a virus moving through the air, knew that ‘the Science’ actually went against the measures that were forced on us (as did natural instincts of liberty, western traditions of individual freedom, bodily sovereignty, prior Pandemic preparedness protocols, and the ability to recognise obvious absurdities). 

It didn’t take a lot of independent research (which is, thinking, reading and investigating-how telling that thinking itself should have been sneered at in the Covidian Cult period) to find out the ACTUAL scientific facts that made the Scientism, the cult like demand that the pure authority of men in white coats be respected regardless of the idiocy of their demands, obviously fraudulent. 

What’s more amazing now is the casualness of the admission that Fauci and others like him just made it up as they went along. All of the rules were plucked out of the air, and none of the rules had any efficacy or purpose in terms of ACTUALLY protecting people from a virus, slowing transmission rates, ‘reducing the curve’ or any of the third grade pseudo scientific claims of sensible intention made at the time. 

According to Fauci, he didn’t know where the ideas came from, he didn’t care in the least that there was no scientific grounding behind them, he just sort of ‘went with it’ in the same spirit of giggling excitement that a teenage girl might display when impulsively deciding that tonight is the night she loses her virginity. ‘What the hell, let’s do this’! 

Look at the testimony he gave and what really strikes you is that Fauci is prepared to portray himself as an astonishingly reckless, thoughtless and flippant idiot. The replies are those of a 12 year old caught out doing something naughty, or a low IQ criminal arguing that they were ignorant of the law during their crime. It’s all basically ‘I didn’t know that’, ‘I didn’t look into that’, ‘I’m unaware of that’, and a bit of ‘that wasn’t me’. Regarding a senior colleague who, it now emerges, deliberately deleted huge quantities of emails to cover his trail when faced with Freedom of Information requests, Fauci’s defence is that he didn’t really know the man because he worked in a different building of the same campus. 

These were two very senior colleagues who had worked together in the same organisation for years. It’s like two board members of the same company, or two academics who work for 20 years in the same Department at Harvard, claiming to not know each other. 

And the thing is it’s not as if Fauci is losing his faculties in a Joe Biden way. He isn’t an idiot, but he’s defending himself as if he is. This is a man who has spent years at the top of a medical establishment and public health bureaucracy. He’s briefed by other staff. He has had four years to prepare for any serious questioning of his actions during COVID. He has entire organisations prepared to supply him with data and support in his defence. And he comes into that meeting in January before hostile Republican representatives armed with….’well we just sort of did it’ and ‘I might have seen something like that, but I can’t recall’? 

So the revelation is not that there was no real science and it was all made up insanity. We cottoned on to that very quickly, even if Democrat voters and persistent mask wearers still haven’t (Democrat representatives are still today asserting that Fauci was a great public servant and attacks on him are outrageous…after the US had one of the very worst death tolls in the world and after Fauci has publicly admitted he didn’t have a clue what he was doing and just made up the ‘protective’ measures that did so much harm). 

The only reason, for me, that a senior bureaucrat as vain and arrogant as Fauci sits in front of his enemies and declares himself an idiot is that this is the last possible cover for something worse. The gist of his testimony is that these measures ‘just sort of appeared’? Why? Because he doesn’t want to admit that it was all coordinated, all planned beforehand, and all for purposes other than the health and protection of the public. 

That’s the only way in which Fauci saying he was ignorant of everything and everything was based on nothing makes sense. 

As another lie, hiding the true scale of crime.

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