Sunday, July 7, 2024

CNN is the White House

Radio Host Who Interviewed Biden: The Questions I Asked Were Given to Me by the White House

On Saturday’s broadcast of CNN’s “First of All,” Andrea Lawful-Sanders, who hosts WURD’s “The Source,” and recently interviewed President Joe Biden on the show, said that the questions she asked the President were four that she approved from a list of questions that the White House sent to her.

While speaking with Lawful-Sanders, and Civic Media’s Earl Ingram, who also interviewed Biden, host Victor Blackwell asked, “Andrea, let me ask you here about your interviews and something — I listened to both of them, and there’s something that’s similar here, you each were — you asked four questions, and maybe that’s what you were allowed to ask by the campaign or the White House. But they were essentially the same questions, both interviews, about accomplishments, progress in your respective state, what’s at stake in the election, what he has to say about his debate performance, and what he would say to voters who think their vote doesn’t matter, or might sit this election out. Were those questions given to you by the White House or did you have — or the campaign, or did you have to submit questions ahead of this interview?”

Lawful-Sanders answered, “The questions were sent to me for approval. I approved them.”

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