Thursday, April 16, 2009

How the left deceives

Here is how the Left hornswoggles you. They prey on your fears with specious information and then extrapolate from that. They start with you fearing military looking weapons. Then they mingle in the term semi-automatic weapons, which they are but so are the pistols being used by the police and most civilian guns. What does semi automatic mean? It means a self loading weapon. A muzzle loader is not a semi automatic. A revolver is at the low end of semi's because it takes a few more seconds to reload then a magazine loaded pistol, though using moon clips increases the load speed for a revolver to near magazine speed. An AK47 will fire as often as you pull the trigger, one shot per pull until the magazine is empty.
Then, they will start using the term semi automatic and describing it correctly with the aim outlawing the broader range of guns, rifles and handguns. Do not be distracted the goal isn't police safety it's banning guns.
Also, does the Governor really think he's going keep these weapons out of criminal hands?

Rendell Asks For Ban On Semi-Automatic Weapons
ReportingJon Delano HARRISBURG (KDKA) ―

Rendell: Police Across State Are Outgunned (4/14/2009) Just yesterday, Governor Ed Rendell spoke out about gun control laws. Today, the governor asked federal and state lawmakers to do more to protect police. Governor Rendell, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Police Chief Nate Harper gathered with other officials in Harrisburg to discuss how Pennsylvania can prevent situations like the death of three Pittsburgh Police officers from ever happening again. "Make them decide who they're with. Are they with law enforcement or not," said Rendell. With those words, Governor Rendell called on the public to push lawmakers to enact common sense gun measures to protect local police beginning with a ban on AK47s and other semiautomatics. "These weapons have absolutely no purpose but to kill," said Rendell. "They can't be used for sport; they certainly aren't used for hunting." Ravenstahl endorsed that ban and other proposals to require the reporting of lost and stolen guns and to give local communities the power to enact tougher gun measures. "One thing that was also abundantly clear on April 4th was that our police officers were out armed," said Ravenstahl. "They were out armed. The individual that fired the AK47 had much more firepower and strength than these officers did. It was unfortunate and that has to change." "Over 100 rounds were fired," said Harper. "It leads to the potential of 100 lives being injured or ruined in some fashion. We have three families that are now victims of assault weapons." Afterwards, Chief Harper told KDKA that much more can be done to honor the fallen heroes like legislative action to protect their comrades. "We need all the support that we can get and when you see the citizens come out to pay homage to the fallen officers, that was one step," said Harper. "The next step is to take action to call the legislature, the state representatives and voice their opinion on this and show support." However, given the strength of the National Rifle Association and other second amendment groups in Pennsylvania, it's going to be very difficult to persuade state legislatures to make the kinds of changes the governor, the mayor and police chiefs are advocating. There's one group that may be persuasive, it's law enforcement -- the police officers themselves.

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fboness said...

Rendell should talk to Kayne Robinson who was Assistant Chief of Police, Des Moines Police Department and past President, Iowa Association of Chiefs of Police.

Kayne Robinson was also President of the NRA and is now Chairman of the NRA Legislative Policy Committee.