Thursday, April 2, 2009

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The Least Patriotic Administration Ever
Posted By Doug TenNapel On April 2, 2009

I wish I could say I was shocked to discover that Health and Human Services cabinet nominee Kathleen Sebelius [1] is a tax cheat. I’m not moronic or Democrat enough to call this administration a “culture of corruption,” I’ll leave that to smaller minds buried beneath tighter stretched faces. But now we can add Sebilius to a pile of tax-cheating nominees that include; Daschle, Geithner, Nancy Killefer and Hilda Solis.
Kathleen Sebelius didn’t admit to cheating, she claimed that they were “unintentional errors.” I have reason to suspect cheating when all of these unintentional errors just happen to go in one direction. None of these Democrat nominees unintentionally overpay taxes or claim too little on their charitable donations. Like [3] Franken vs. Coleman, the errors always seem to go one way.
Number two in command, Joe Biden, told us that paying taxes is patriotic. So why are these cabinet nominees so unpatriotic? Never have patriots been so stingy or joyless in providing proof of their allegiance to country.
Sebelius is most rabid pro-abortion governor in the country. Even late-term abortion doctor George R. Tiller has proudly donated over $38,000 to her campaigns over the years. If you’re unfamiliar with Tiller’s work, watch this:

So you’ll have to excuse me if I get extra-happy that Sebelius made “unintentional errors” on her taxes. It’s like going after Al Capone. If we can’t generate enough disgust for Sebelius over her radical position on late-term abortion, I’ll settle for removing her from the nomination for being a tax cheat.

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