Friday, November 25, 2016

Consumer confidence soars after Trump election. What a statement about Obama's policies!

Consumer Confidence Climbs To Six Month High After Trump Election – Biggest Jump in 4 years…

Consumer sentiment, confidence in the economic outlook of individuals, has jumped up over 8% since Donald Trump’s election victory.  The gauge of expectations six months from now gained 8.4 points to 85.2, the biggest jump in four years, from a two-year low of 76.8 in October.
(Via Bloomberg) Consumer confidence rose more than previously reported to a six-month high in November, showing Americans became more optimistic about their finances and the economy after Donald Trump won the presidential election.
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The University of Michigan said Wednesday that its final index of sentiment rose to 93.8 from 87.2 in October, after a preliminary reading of 91.6 that reflected pre-election views. The split was stark between respondents in the month’s survey before and after the Nov. 8 vote, with sentiment rising 8.2 points in the post-election group from the pre-election cohort.
The lift suggests that Americans were heartened on the whole by Trump’s victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton, with broad gains in confidence across incomes, ages and regions, according to the report.  (read more)
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