Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Flashback: Clinton introduced bill to criminalize flag burning. The media focus in on their power base. BTW try burning the Cuban flag in Cuba!

Flashback: Clinton introduced bill to criminalize flag burning

Critics on Tuesday morning were quick to pan President-elect Trump's proposal to make burning the American flag illegal, but soon after a bill began circulating on social media that Hillary Clinton introduced in 2006 to do exactly the same thing.
Clinton, then a senator from New York, reportedly opposed a constitutional amendment that would criminalize the desecration of the flag, but introduced legislation in 2005 and backed a second bill in 2006 that would criminalize flag burning. More than half of Democrats in the Senate backed her effort, the New York Times reported at the time.
On Tuesday, Clinton supporters and members of the media argued Trump was flouting First Amendment protections of free speech by tweeting that flag-burners should face a year in jail or the loss of their citizenship.
Although one of the flag-burning measures Clinton supported failed in the Senate in June 2006, the bill earned 36 votes, mostly from Democrats in the minority.

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