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MEXICAN GANG MEMBER Kills Colorado Springs Deputy, Injures Three Others in Shooting. Making America like Mexico

MEXICAN GANG MEMBER Kills Colorado Springs Deputy, Injures Three Others in Shooting


Deputy Micah Flick left behind a wife and 7-year-old twins.
The shooter Manuel Zetina 19 was also killed in the shooting.
Flick was shot and killed Monday afternoon in Colorado Springs near the intersection of Galley and N. Murray around 4 p.m. Monday. He was rushed to Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Deputy Flick is survived by his wife and 7-year old twins, a boy and a girl.
Sheriff Elder described Flick as a great deputy, father, husband, and a great friend to so many. Flick grew up in Colorado Springs, he was a graduate of the Colorado Springs Christian School, and spent 11 years with the sheriff’s office.
“This is a family, we spend a lot of time together, we spend a lot of stressful, emotional time together; this is a shock to everyone.” Elder said Monday.
Manuel Zetina, 19, was killed in the shooting.

On Monday the media described Zetina as a “resident of Colorado Springs.”
Now this…

Manuel Zetina was a Mexican gang member.

The Gazette reported:
Manuel Zetina had a middling criminal record but big ambitions to climb the ranks of a local Mexican street gang.
Zetina, 19, was killed in a gunbattle with Colorado Springs police and El Paso County sheriff’s deputies Monday. The firefight also claimed the life of Deputy Micah Flick and wounded three other officers and a bystander.
A Facebook page apparently belonging to Zetina shows a young man steeped in gang culture.
“I bang dat Big Bad Soldados 13 Gang,” Zetina bragged on Facebook, using slang for gang affiliation.
While specifics on the gang Zetina referenced remain unclear, it appears to be a branch of the loosely-affiliated Sureños. That group pays homage to the Mexican Mafia and uses the number 13 as a reference to M, the 13th letter of the alphabet, to show its allegiance. Other Sureños groups in Colorado Springs commonly call members “soldados,” the Spanish word for soldiers.
Investigators haven’t released details on the case and wouldn’t discuss Zetina on Wednesday.
It is not clear yet if Zetina was an illegal alien.
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