On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood, referring to a judicial nominee of President Trump, attacked him for being white. The tweet referred to nominee Kyle Duncan, whom Trump nominated for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Notably, Duncan represented Hobby Lobby at the U.S. Supreme Court when the Obama administration targeted the Christian company for being unwilling to cover employees for drugs that could cause abortions.
As LifeNews noted, Planned Parenthood Action linked to a USA Today article ripping President Trump for nominating so many white judges. The article stated, “President Trump’s search for deeply conservative federal judges appears to have eliminated most African Americans and Hispanics from the running.”
Planned Parenthood Action wrote, Duncan allowed “bosses to decide whether their employees can access birth control,” which is inaccurate. They added he is “supported by extremist anti-reproductive heath groups.”
The National Association of Attorneys General has twice awarded Duncan its Best Brief Award for his written advocacy.