Saturday, January 1, 2022

Oregon Business Owner Ordered to Remove American Flag Mural on Private Property..when the 'woke' take over

Oregon Business Owner Ordered to Remove American Flag Mural on Private Property

A business owner in Salem, Oregon, painted a mural honoring the American flag and the Marines who raised it at Iwo Jima. Most observers considered it a beautiful memorial and an attractive use of an otherwise nondescript wall. The owner of the business commissioned a local artist to create the tasteful and fetching display of patriotism.

The Salem City Council has ordered him to remove it, or face fines of up to $200 per day.

The artist, Mario De Leon, raised the alarm in a Facebook post:

What’s up everybody. The city of Salem is forcing @valleyroofingoregon to remove the mural I painted or to give the mural to the Salem art society. This mural is painted on the property of the business owner. Far away from the street or city property. The city is fining him 200 plus dollars a day if it doesn’t get removed. Or he has to give the mural to some art society. .
We are making a petition to keep it up.
Not only do they want it removed immediately. But they want it removed during the winter. Where you cant even paint over it. What a play by the city of Salem.
Remove it plus fines. Or give it to a art society and let them have their way with it.
Even when we help fight the wars they don’t want us to be talking about our contribution.
We will post the petition when the time comes.

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One commenter identified the problem, saying, “It has to do with the Salem City Public Art Committee. All public art is supposed to be sanctioned by them. Apparently, even on private property.”

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The Salem City Council has recently undergone a progressive makeover, with several longtime conservative council members having retired. This appears to be the result.



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