Saturday, August 27, 2022

Buyer's remorse: You bought it

'I was brainwashed by the trans community': Detransitioner reveals he regrets having his penis removed and says woke doctors didn't warn him of negative consequences because it would be 'bad for business'

  • The detransitioner, known as Shape Shifter, 32, was born male, transitioned to female but then reverted back 
  • The surgeries have left him without a penis, while his 'neo-vagina' has brought a host of medical problems
  • Shape Shifter continues to have long hair and wear makeup, because he says he enjoys sporting a feminine appearance  
  • Speaking to Blaire White, 28, herself transgender, Shape warns others who may be considering transitioning to think carefully of their options beforehand
  • He believes that those who are now detransitioning are being shunned by the medical community and often dismissed as 'difficult patients' 
  • Shape believes a lot of people would reconsider having surgery in the first place if they knew of the possible complications and regret that can follow
  • But he believes it would be 'bad for business' if surgeons alluded to such realities

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