Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The cowardice of an anti semite: Williamsburg is home to a very religios sect of Orthodox Jews.

Orthodox men attacked with fire extinguisher in possible hate crimes in Williamsburg, police say

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Two Orthodox Jewish men were sprayed with a fire extinguisher and one was also punched in what the police department is investigating as a hate crime pattern.

The first attack happened shortly after 6 a.m. Sunday on Lee Ave. and Taylor St. just south of the Williamsburg Bridge approach. One man can be seen on surveillance video creeping across the street toward his 74-year-old victim with a fire extinguisher in his hand.

The suspect, who was wearing a white T-shirt and black pants, sprayed the man, spreading a cloud of white powder onto the sidewalk and street, the video shows.

The second attack came around the same time at Roebling and Third Sts. on the north side of the Williamsburg Bridge approach. This time a 66-year-old Orthodox man was sprayed with the powder extinguisher and then punched in the face.

The suspects did not say anything to their victims, but police believe there could be anti-Semitic motives for the attacks because both men were wearing traditional Orthodox garb, according to the police.

Neither man reported injuries.

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