Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Why now and not on January 6?

Pentagon DENIES DC Mayor Muriel Bowser's second plea for the National Guard to be deployed to deal with huge influx of migrants into the city

  • The Pentagon has rejected a second request from Washington, D.C.'s mayor 
  • Muriel Bowser has asked for help to deal with migrants arriving in the city by bus
  • Pentagon said it 'would not be appropriate' to use the DC National Guard and that the Defense Department 'cannot fulfill your request' 
  • Bowser had initially requested DC National Guard support in late-July when she said the city had reached a 'tipping point' with the number of migrants
  • More than 7,500 have now arrived since April in the capital
  • Governors of Texas and Arizona began busing migrants from the southern border to the capital starting in April to protest Biden's immigration policy
  • Texas is now bussing immigrants to the Big Apple on a regular basis

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