Friday, November 25, 2022

Fauci and the deep pit of bureaucrats...


As we noted earlier, Anthony Fauci was deposed yesterday in the First Amendment lawsuit brought by the states of Missouri and Louisiana. There is no transcript of the deposition, but the lawyers have tweeted about what Fauci said, and Legal Insurrection has the news:

FauciThe deposition of Anthony Fauci took place today in the lawsuit commenced by Louisiana and Missouri, alleging that numerous Biden administration officials colluded with and directed big tech and social media giants to censor dissenting scientific and medical voices with regard to Covid.
Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, who attended the deposition, tweeted that Fauci had a lack of memory.

I am reminded of Richard Nixon, who during the Watergate travail counseled one of his aides to testify that he couldn’t remember anything. That way, Nixon explained, they can never go after you for perjury. The extent to which a witness can get away with amnesiac testimony depends largely on whether enough documents have been produced to pin him down. In this case, my impression is that the government’s production has been skimpy.

To me, this is the most interesting item:

Jenin Younes, an attorney from the New Civil Liberties Alliance, representing the physicians and scientist who were attacked after signing The Great Barrington Declaration, was present, and observed:

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