Saturday, November 19, 2022

More black on white murder the mom is not interested in exposing

What are the details?

Caitlyn Kaufman, 26, was fatally shot on Interstate 440 on her way to work in Tennessee on Dec. 3, 2020, WSMV-TV reported, adding that she was a nurse at Ascension Saint Thomas hospital in Nashville.

Davaunte Hill and James Cowan are accused of killing Kaufman, the station said, and the pair were in a Davidson County courtroom for a motion hearing Tuesday morning.

Image source: WTVF-TV video screenshot

So was Rick Kaufman, the victim's father.

Video from inside the courtroom caught Rick Kaufman moving through a partition toward the defendants — but he was quickly restrained and then removed from the courtroom, WSMV said, adding that Kaufman sat outside the courtroom for the remainder of the hearing. 

Diane Kaufman, the victim’s mother, stayed inside the courtroom and 

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