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Pit Bulls are not pets and ownership should be restricted.


On "Relatable," BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey discussed the controversial topic of pit bulls. Are they a dangerous breed by nature, or do they become dangerous at the hands of certain owners

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2 Children Killed, Mother Hospitalized After Family Pit Bulls Attack Them Outside Tennessee Home

Kentucky woman gets 20 years for siccing pit bull on man, killing him

Pit bull attack database

This database is updated MONTHLY. It covers MEDIA REPORTS of attacks and deaths by pit bulls from September 1, 2015 to the present for the USA and Canada. Please note that most pit bull attacks do not get reported by the media.

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10/26/2022Neighbor's pit bull kills dog on walkSt John's, Florida, United States
10/22/2022Pit bull attacks woman, her dog, then police who came to assistKeyport, New Jersey, United States
10/18/2022Five pit bulls escaped a house through an open window and attacked a toddler and two others.Staten Island, New York State, United States
10/14/202281-year-old man was attacked while taking a walk by a loose pit bull that was with its ownerMillcreek, Utah, United States
10/12/2022Two men on vacation in Galveston attacked by repeat-offender pit bullsGalveston, Texas, United States
10/10/2022Man in his 30s in critical condition after being mauled by 5 pit bullsYoungstown, Ohio, United States
10/10/2022A woman who was walking up to knock on a door was viciously attacked by two pit bulls.Elizabethtown, North Carolina, United States
10/10/202220-year-old man breaks into dog pounds to free pit bulls impounded for running looseRowan County, North Carolina, United States
10/09/2022Jack Russell Terrier killed in its own yard by neighbor's pit bullMooresburg, Tennessee, United States
10/09/2022Pit bull kills chihuahua in its own yard; authorities return pit bull to ownerRockdale County, Georgia, United States
10/09/20222 seniors severely injured and police injured by neighbor's repeat-offender pit bullRocky Mount, North Carolina, United States
10/08/2022Pit bull attacks man in wheelchair and kills his dogJohnson City, Tennessee, United States
10/07/2022Rosetta Gesselman, 80, fatally mauled by her daughter's repeat-offender pit bull mixesTroup County, Georgia, United StatesYes
10/07/2022Woman attacked by illegal pit bull in front of her own homeBarrie, Ontario, Canada
10/05/20222-year-old girl Lilly Bennard and mother critically injured by family pet pit bulls (2)Shelby County, Tennessee, United StatesYes
10/05/20225-month-old boy Hollace Bennard fatally mauled, mother critically injured by family pet pit bulls (1)Shelby County, Tennessee, United StatesYes
10/04/202210-year-old boy attacked by pit bull type dogFort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
10/03/2022Pit bull attacks officer investigating 911 callWayland, Massachusetts, United States
10/03/2022Police tried to use a taser to stop a pit bull mix from attacking its owneCleveland, Ohio, United States
10/03/2022Pit bull attacks police with a search warrantWest Palm Beach, Florida, United States
10/01/2022Pony viciously attacked by pit bull and rotweilerSouthwest Miami-Dade, Florida, United States
10/01/2022A loose pit bull attacked a small dog being walkedSacramento, California, United States
10/01/2022Pit bull terrorizes neighbourhood, bites investigate police officer many timesKitty Hawk, North Carolina, United States
Deputy on call
10/01/2022Pit bull fatally mauled a small dog being walked by an 85-year-old womanSalem, Oregon, United States
10/01/2022A loose pit bull attacked a neighbor's poodleMidland, Michigan, United States
09/28/2022A woman was airlifted after being attacked by the same family pit bull that had attacked her husband in August.Washington Township, Ohio, United States
09/27/202264-year-old man, Jack Looney, killed, and woman mauled by pit bull type dogsLubbock, Texas, United StatesYes
09/26/2022Pit bull owner flees after her pit bulls attack a woman and her dogPhoenix, Arizona, United States
09/26/2022Pit bull attacks man and his dogHampton Township, Michigan, United States
09/25/2022Michael Lane, 68, succumbed to injuries on 10/8 that were sustained in an attack by two loose pit bulls on 9/25Loudon, Tennessee, United StatesYes
09/22/20223-year-old child suffered head injuries after being attacked by a neighbor's pit bull.Aliceville, Alabama, United States
09/20/20221-year-old girl was critically injured by two dogs "believed to be pit bulls."Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
09/19/2022The owner of the pit bulls that severely mauled a meter reader is being charged with aggravated assault.Koscuisko, Mississippi, United States
09/19/2022Pit bull charges officer during a domestic violence call.Mesa, Arizona, United States
09/19/20228-year-old boy was airlifted after his aunt's pit bull broke out of a kennel and attacked him.Indio, California, United States
09/15/2022Officer fatally shot a pit bull type dog (article states "micro bully") that was charging him.Brockton, Massachusetts, United States
09/14/2022Family pet pit bulls kill grandmother Mary Gehring, severely injure boyGolden, Colorado, United StatesYes
09/13/20223 pit bulls escaped a parked car through a broken window and attacked a young grocery store employee in parking lotSantaquin, Utah, United States
09/12/2022A knife was used to stop a pit bull from attacking a smaller dogFort Myers, Florida, United States
09/11/2022Rusty Burris, 32, was fatally mauled by his family's pet pit bullOld Fort, Tennessee, United StatesYes
09/10/2022Pit bull mix and four mixed breed dogs viciously attacked a 9-year-old boy riding his bicycle.Moulton, Alabama, United States
09/10/20228-year-old boy was attacked by stray pit bull that people had previousl reported to city officialsJacksonville, Florida, United States
09/10/2022Illegal pit bull attacks police officerOttawa, Kansas, United States
09/09/2022Pit bull jumps out of window to attack small dog and its ownerCleveland, Ohio, United States
09/07/2022A Town Selectman was injured when he was attacked by a loose, repeat-offender pit bull while taking a walk.Fryeburg, Maine, United States
09/06/2022Pit bull owner stabs another pit bull to save her pit bullMarina, California, United States
09/03/2022Illegal pit bull in New York housing project kills another dogNew York City, New York, United States
09/02/2022The Peninsula Health District is looking for the owner of a dog that "looked like a pit bull" that attacked someone.Newport News, Virginia, United States
09/01/20222 pit bulls maul 70-year-old woman, kill catNorth Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, United States
09/01/2022Repeat-offender pit bull kills dog, injures its ownerPlainview, New York, United States
09/01/2022Two loose pit bulls attacked a man in his own yard while he was burning trash.Ellenwood, Georgia, United States
09/01/2022A pit bull fatally mauled a pug.Beaverdale, Iowa, United States
09/01/2022Mail delivery has been suspended in a neighborhood after a postal carrier was attacked by a repeat-offender pit bull. Cleveland, Ohio, United States
08/31/2022Pit bull/cane corso mix attacked a 78-year-old woman and the woman trying to help herMount Pleasant, Wisconsin, United States
08/31/2022A man was hospitalized after being attacked by five loose pit bulls while walkingSt. Landry Parish, Louisiana, United States
08/30/2022Family pet pit bull attacks mother and her daughterHastings, Minnesota, United States
08/25/2022A schnauzer mix being walked was viciously attacked by a pit bull that had slipped its leash while with a man on a bicycleMiami Beach, Florida, United States
08/25/2022Woman sics pit bull mix on 6-year-old girlLebanon, Ohio, United States
08/25/2022Couple hospitalized after their own pet pit bull mix attacked them.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
08/24/20222 pit bulls fatally mauled a Jack Russell Terrier mix after pit bull ban repealedMaumelle, Arkansas, United States
08/23/2022Pedestrian attacked by pit bull type dogNeenah, Wisconsin, United States
08/23/2022A woman being arrested reportedly used her pit bull to threaten a police officer.Lowell, Massachusetts, United States
08/21/2022Postal worker Pam Rock, 61, was fatally mauled by 5 pit bull mixes after being attacked when her car broke down.Putnam County, Florida, United StatesYes
08/20/2022Dog fatally mauled by pit bull that had jumped out of a pickup truck at a campground Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada
08/19/2022Police officer fatally shot a loose pit bull that had attacked him.Peoria, Illinois, United States
08/18/2022County commissioner attacked by loose pit bull while walking to his carGrand Island, Nebraska, United States
08/17/2022Pit bull goes ballistic inside house, attacking 2 peopleWarren, Ohio, United States
08/17/2022Police are looking for a pit bull that caused a "serious dog bite."Charleston, Illinois, United States
08/16/20223-year-old child suffered severe injuries and her mother was also mauled after being attacked by a family pit bull that was prohibited by the apartment complex.Ellenton, Florida, United States
08/13/2022Police attacked by pit bullO'Fallon, Missouri, United States
08/12/20228-year-old child was hospitalized with severe injuries after being attacked by two pit bull mixes.Springville, Iowa, United States
08/09/2022Joan Cafflel, 89, fatally mauled by the family rescue pit bullLas Vegas, Nevada, United StatesYes
08/02/2022American bulldog aka pit bull pushed through a fence and attacked a womanMiama, Florida, United States
08/01/20224-year-old boy walking with his 15-year-old babysitter was viciously mauled by a loose pit bull.Fresno, Texas, United States
08/01/2022A pregnant woman and her small dog were viciously attacked by a loose pit bull. Ford Lauderdale, Florida, United States
08/01/20222 loose pit bulls killed a cat in its own yard in view of the cat's owner and his child.Lima, Ohio, United States
08/01/20222 loose pit bulls attacked a 76-year-old woman and her dogOklamona City, Ohio, United States
08/01/2022Animal shelter worker brutally mauled by pit bullLunenburg, Massachusetts, United States
08/01/2022A retired police lieutenant was viciously mauled by four loose pit bulls.Duncan, Oklahoma, United States
07/31/2022A man and his mother were taken to the hospital after being attacked by the family pet pit bullPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
07/30/20227-year-old girl severely mauled by two pit bullsLansing, Michigan, United States
07/30/2022Young girl mauled by her father's pet pit bullDaytona Beach, Florida, United States
07/30/2022Homeless man seriously mauled by pit bullFort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
07/28/2022Illegal pit bull kills small dogToronto, Ontario, Canada
07/28/2022Repeat-offender illegal pit bull attacks againToronto, Ontario, Canada
07/27/2022Pit bull mauls 70-year-old woman, Marina Verriest, to death, attacks policeAlbertson, New York, United StatesYes
07/24/2022A loose pit bull "charging through the fence" attacked a Russell terrier, Montana, United States
07/23/2022Woman in her 70s victim of unprovoked attack by pit bullFresno, California, United States
07/22/2022Escaped pit bulls cause chaos in apartment complex, attacking and biting several peopleSeattle, Washington, United States
07/22/2022Woman mauled by pit bull after its owner asked her to get the pit bull a bowl of water.Ecorse, Michigan, United States
07/21/2022Pit bull jumps out of car window to attack man and his dogCleveland Heights, Ohio, United States
07/20/2022Male neighbor in his 70s plus two members of pit bull owner's family attacked by pit bullAspen Hill, Maryland, United States
07/19/202273-year-old woman mauled by 3 pit bullsDetroit, Michigan, United States
07/19/2022Pit bull mauls dog, then pit bull owner sics pit bull on policeHanceville, Alabama, United States
07/18/202271-year-old man, Freddy Garcia, mauled to death by 7 pit bulls while walking to storeFresno, Texas, United StatesYes
07/17/2022Woman hospitalized after being attacked by two loose pit bulls while jogging.Clayton County, Georgia, United States
07/15/2022An officer suffered a serious skull fracture after hitting his head on the ground during an encounter with a pit bull mix.Hartselle, Alabama, United States
07/15/2022Repeat-offender pit bull attacks adult male on skate boardSebewaing, Michigan, United States
07/14/2022Owner of an illegal pit bull mix airlifted after mauling by his pit bullNoelville, Ontario, Canada
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