Thursday, November 23, 2023

Exposing the moral vacuum that is the academic left

Wake Forest University’s Hamas-backing prof has some sense of ‘privilege’ after she’s fired for dance party ‘shoot up’ remarks

Consider it a lesson on “privilege”: A former Wake Forest University professor is now whining that the school didn’t support her after she defended Hamas’ horrific murder of innocents on Oct. 7.

The cold-hearted (and brain-dead?) ex-prof, Laura Mullen, tweeted that if she were Palestinian, she might similarly be tempted to “shoot up” a dance party, as the terrorists did in slaughtering hundreds at the Supernova music festival. 

It was a pretty sick remark, and Mullen resigned after making it — yet then claimed WFU threw her “to the wolves” by refusing to stand by her when she was being called out for it. 

Of course, she showed little concern for the powerless students in her classes, unable to voice horror at her defense of atrocities without fear of retribution.

Yes: Mullen was in a position of power as a professor, and pushing back against faculty and staff without repercussion these days is mainly reserved for woke students who cry about people not toeing the leftist line — not students who might feel uncomfortable with glaring antisemitism

The university clearly did the right thing by standing back and letting her take the fall for her hateful speech.

Mullen has the right to say what she wants (and it’s hard to fire a professor for her views), but academic freedom doesn’t shield faculty from criticism and other consequences of their speech.

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