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Now Big Brother Wants to Control the Gas Pedal in Your Career why the government technocrats (who produce nothing) are a threat to your freedom

Now Big Brother Wants to Control the Gas Pedal in Your Car

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‘Fully prevent drivers from exceeding the speed limit’

Just when you thought there were no parts of your life not already under the thumb of the federal government, a new idea emerges.

This time it comes from the National Transportation Safety Board and it involves outsiders having control of the gas pedal in your car.

While you’re driving, of course.

The proposal from the NTSB is to install “intelligent speed assistance” tech in all cars, a system that uses a car’s GPS location and local speed limit postings “to help ensure safe and legal speeds.”

What the NTSB wants is to require systems that “warn” when a driver is speeding, as well as systems that “make it more difficult, but not impossible, to increase the speed of a vehicle” as well as electronic limits on vehicles so they “fully prevent drivers from exceeding the speed limit.”

That description comes from an NTSB announcement which is recommending to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration a requirement for those systems, and a campaign to “educate the public” about its “benefits.”

The NTSB said the recommendation came out of the investigation of an accident in North Las Vegas. There, a man under the influence of drugs drove his 2018 Dodge Challenger at about 103 mph through a red light into an intersection, hitting five other vehicles.

Seven people in a minivan that he hit died, as the driver, who had cocaine and PCP in his system and a history of speeding offenses, and a passenger also died.

“This crash is the latest in a long line of tragedies we’ve investigated where speeding and impairment led to catastrophe, but it doesn’t have to be this way,” said NTSB chair Jennifer Homendy. “We know the key to saving lives is redundancy, which can protect all of us from human error that occurs on our roads. What we lack is the collective will to act on NTSB safety recommendations.”

The NTSB demands include required ISA systems, a plan to “educate” the public, new programs to track repeat speeding offenders, and more.

A report at The Federalist said, “While legal speed limits are capped at 85 mph in the U.S., vehicles are designed to go far faster to allow safe passing and escape in emergency situations. The capacity to go faster also puts less strain on vehicles at lower speeds.”

The NTSB also has begun work on a campaign to require a “kill switch” in new cars, a process that would allow the automatic disabling of a vehicle under certain conditions.

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