Saturday, November 25, 2023

The passion of the insane eco terrorists...let the world starve so we can feel good!

Watch: Eco Loon Vomits Green Goo All Over EU Globalist Meeting

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SATURDAY, NOV 25, 2023 - 06:20 AM

Authored by Steve Watson via,

An eco-mentalist staged a stunt vomiting green goo at a European Union “clean energy” conference and accused the globalist officials there of not implementing climate crackdown hysteria hard enough.

The woman, who claimed that Brussels elites are operating climate scams on “occupied lands” yelled “I’m sick of your lies of the true environmental and social cost,” as they blathered on about how amazing ‘Hydrogen Week’ is.

She accused the EU of ‘greenwashing’, essentially virtue signalling using pointless environmental carbon schemes and the like to play up their green credentials.

Fair point, but you still come across as utterly mental.

“This conference is sickening. Europe can meet its energy needs without exploiting colonized lands,” another loon screamed.

As disturbed looking security contractors dragged them out, they bellowed “Stop fossil fertilisers! Stop fossil fertilisers.”

And replace them with… hydrogen maybe?

Essentially it’s more crazy trust fund babies throwing tantrums and crying to be governed harder.

They wanted attention, and we’re giving it to them because it’s hilariously cringe.


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