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Tone-deaf Hamas supporters complain about Israel's hostage rescue operation

One asked, 'How many innocent Palestinians killed is acceptable to rescue Israeli hostages?'

On October 7, Hamas terrorists butchered over 1,000 Israeli civilians and took hundreds more hostage. Since then, Hamas has refused to release the remaining hostages, and reports have begun to mount about the number of hostages who have been found dead during the course of Israel's military operation in Gaza.

Over the weekend, the Israeli Defense Forces mounted the largest hostage rescue operation since the start of the war. The raid took place in a crowded area full of civilians because Hamas chose to hide the hostages there. By all accounts, when Israeli forces began their operation, Hamas returned fire from civilian buildings with heavy weaponry, including RPGs. To the extent that civilians died during the rescue, most reasonable people would conclude that the fault for this lies with the group that took hostages, hid them among its own civilians, and then used those civilians as human shields against the hostage rescuers.

Not, however, the usual cadre of current and former MSNBC personalities who serve as de facto mouthpieces for Hamas. Immediately the coordinated campaign began to suggest both that Israel was at fault for these civilian deaths and also that the death toll was much higher than it likely was.

The campaign began by uncritically repeating the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry's death toll, which claims over 200 civilian deaths.

Liberal writer and Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali typified the response:

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