Friday, December 22, 2017

More Democrat physical political violence

Concord State Rep. Pleads Guilty To Assault Charge
CONCORD, NH — A local Democrat and state representative pleaded guilty this morning to assaulting a political opponent during a state Senate ballot recount in November 2016. State Rep. Katherine Rogers, D-Concord, 61, pleaded guilty to the assault charge as part of a plea deal that would help her avoid jail time as well as a fine so long as she stays out of trouble during the next year and attends anger management classes during the next 90-days. Both Rogers and the victim – Susan Olsen, a former state representative candidate from Warner and a well-known 2nd Amendment rights activist – were in Concord District Court on Dec. 22, 2017, for the plea and sentencing. 
Back on Nov. 16, 2016, during the recount for the District 7 state Senate seat held at the state archives building, Rogers put her arm around Olsen and then struck her with a semi-closed right hand on the side of the head. 
In the complaint, Olsen stated that Rogers was challenging many of the ballots and requested that they be put closer to her so she could see them, according to evidence gathered during the investigation. At that time, Rogers put her hand on her shoulder, as if to hug her, stated that she wanted Olsen to be happy, and then struck her. Olsen warned Rogers that if she touched her again, she'd have her arrested and stated that Rogers – a former county attorney – replied, according to an affidavit, "in a low, mocking, angry whisper," something to the effect of "Hit me. I know you want to. Go ahead. Hit me."
After the case was filed Rogers' attorney – William Christie of Shaheen & Gordon – told media outlets that the incident was a ploy and being played up for political purposes. Neither Christie nor Rogers returned requests for comment to Patch at the time. Olsen, however, countered that she waited until the end of the legislative session to file the charge in order for it to not be perceived as political. During the investigation by New Hampshire State Police, a witness came forward to corroborate Olsen's complaint after Patch and other outlets reported the charge.
In court today, a state police prosecutor stated that he believed that Olsen wasn't happy with the agreement. When Judge Kristin Spath asked her if she had anything to say about the plea agreement, Olsen declined stating she didn't know she was going to be allowed to speak so she wasn't prepared. 
A contingent of elected Democrats and other activists were in attendance to support Rogers including Ray Buckley, the chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff, D-Concord, Kris Schultz, D-ConcordKen Roos, a labor activist, state Rep. Tim Horrigan, D-Durham, and others. 
It is unknown at post time whether Republicans or any of Rogers' colleagues will be calling for her to resign her seat in light of the admission of guilt and conviction in the assault case. 
House Speaker Gene Chandler, R-Bartlett, was unavailable for comment at post time. 
However, Democrats and Republicans have been quick to call on GOP politicians who haven't been convicted of crimes – only accused – to step down. One of those politicians – State Rep. Eric Schleien, R-Hudson – was accused of sexual assault – grabbing a teenage girl during a date earlier this year. In two press releases this month, Buckley has criticized Gov. Chris Sununu, R-NH, for not telling Schleien to "resign immediately" or "even condemned him" even though Sununu applauded "authorities for taking aggressive action to fully investigate these disturbing allegations" against Schleien.
Another Republican politician who Democrats attacked was former state Rep. Robert Fisher, R-Laconia, who created a "men's rights" Reddit site and wrote degrading and derogatory things about women when he was a registered Democrat. He also received a flood of calls to resign, something he later did, even though he was never charged with a crime.
Image via Tony Schinella, Patch staff.

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