Friday, December 11, 2020

Irrational compassion leads to societal devolution...Los Angeles DA Gascon was the DA in San Francisco prior to this job.

Los Angeles is about to get Mad Max rules

Los Angeles's new district attorney, George Gascón, who ran his campaign with a healthy heaping of George Soros funding, has announced that henceforth he will no longer prosecute quality of life offenses or ask for cash bail.  Like leftists all over 2020 America, he's reimagining criminal justice as a world without police, without laws, and without jails.  While he tries to sell a Garden of Eden, I'm imagining Mad Max rules, while being grateful, very grateful, that my friends in L.A. are legally armed.

I'm probably among the last generation that remembers old-style Los Angeles policing in keeping with Jack Webb's Sergeant Joe Friday from Dragnet.  Friday believed in law and order because he believed that ordinary people deserve a break.  He was happy to bring in the punks and the lowlifes, the grifters and assaulters.  Being tough on them ultimately made life better for everyone.

As a little girl, I found it intensely satisfying, week after week, to hear the official voice at the end of the episode announce the criminal sentence imposed on the criminal unlucky enough that week to have a run-in with Sergeant Friday.  This was especially true because, at the time, my own city of San Francisco was filling up with dirty, drugged out hippies.  (I was a judgmental child.)

The LAPD took a serious hit in 1994 with the O.J. Simpson trial.  We also learned that, during Hollywood's heyday, the cops were often fixers for the studios.  Still, the general sense was that most L.A. police officers were trying hard to ensure that ordinary people across one of America's largest urban landscapes were able to live with a respectable degree of law and order.

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