Sunday, December 13, 2020

Welcome to the totalitarian mentality of the Progressives

'...would make a Stalinist propagandist blush'

Reporter April Ryan, a political analyst for CNN, is being condemned for suggesting on Thursday that journalists should not expose contradictions between what Joe Biden says privately and what he says publicly.

Ryan's comments came after The Intercept obtained and reported on leaked audio of Biden admitting that Republicans "beat the hell out of" Democrats during last month's election for generally embracing the "defund the police" agenda. 

The Biden transition team later defended the remarks, despite the comments rebuking the progressive vision for criminal justice reform.

What did Ryan say?

In response to the leaked audio, Ryan suggested the real story behind the remarks is why they were leaked.

"The question is who leaked this and why? Also I am told by a rights leader in that meeting that @JoeBiden was being more so passionate than defensive. Can't wait to hear what the Biden camp has to say!" Ryan tweeted.

Ryan later doubled down on that sentiment, again questioning why Biden's comments were leaked.


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