Friday, April 23, 2021

Orphans who escaped the gas chambers

Miracle of the orphans who escaped the gas chambers: Two Jewish boys who were among 13 children saved from the Nazis after they were hidden in a Belgian hospital are reunited after 76 years to reveal their incredible story

  • Jacques Weisser and Bill Frankenstein were among only 13 of 39 Jewish children from the orphanage in Antwerp to escape the Holocaust and survive the War
  • Aged one, the boys were spirited away from the Nazis tightening their grip on Antwerp and hidden at Sint-Erasmus Hospital
  • The only memory Jacques had of Bill was from two black and white photos of them both taken in 1944 after Belgium was liberated 
  • Both boys lives followed different, yet oddly similar paths: Both now 79, Bill settled in the US, while Jacques eventually moved to Radlett, Herts
  • After being tracked down by a dogged researcher based in The Netherlands, the men have been reunited on Zoom and shared their memories from the time

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