Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Protecting the Democrat militia

Biden Military Disciplines Soldiers for Flying Choppers Too Low Over BLM Insurrectionists



The Democrats and their media veer from condemning the National Guard for not immediately responding on Jan 6 (even though they were the ones who decided that a few hundred unarmed guardsmen should be limited to directing traffic) to condemning them for being there when Black Lives Matter racial supremacists were wrecking Washington D.C.

Here, without a trace of shame, they're pivoting from the "not enough force" to the "too much force" narratives. 

But there's always too much force when Democrats are rioting, but not enough force when Republicans are rioting.

The Army investigation into the National Guard's use of low-flying helicopters during a June 2020 demonstration in Washington, D.C., found a "systematic lack of understanding" of how to use military aviation to respond to civil disturbances and resulted in disciplinary action taken against several individuals involved in the operation.

"The 15-6 that was appointed by Maj. Gen. Walker in the D.C. Guard found that the use of the helicopters in particular ... was not prohibited by law or policy; however, there was a very general lack of understanding of how to use, how to employ helicopters in civil disturbance support operations," an Army official told defense reporters Wednesday in a background discussion of the report.

Really a lack of understanding in how to respond when Democrat BLMers are the ones rioting.

It was plain that the helicopter crews did not have a clear understanding of their mission that night, Army officials said.

One unnamed Guard member, who was aboard a UH-72 Lakota helicopter, said he thought the mission was to provide a "constant, obvious presence" and to deter criminal activity, the report states.

The mission that night was to "fly low, be loud ... fly low over the crowds," said the Guard member, whose name was redacted in the report.

Obviously. What other mission did they have? You didn't need medevac choppers on the scene. You needed them to dissuade attacks on the White House and government buildings.

Based on the findings, Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph Martin "will [take] or has taken appropriate administrative action against a number of individuals involved in the set of circumstances," according to the official, who would not release the details of the actions taken, or the identities of the soldiers who were disciplined.

"Corrective actions and disciplinary actions have been taken," the official said.

The only corrective action that needed to be taken was getting rid of every officer who thinks his job is pushing leftist political agendas instead of protecting the country.


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