Saturday, April 17, 2021

Taking back the streets


"This bill will protect innocent people trapped by a rioting mob." 

The Oklahoma Senate passed a bill this week that would give legal protections to drivers who hit protesters with their vehicles while fleeing during a riot. The legislation would also create new penalties for rioters.

House Bill 1674, as previously reported by TheBlaze, would create a new section of law to protect motorists that strike one or more persons while fleeing from a riot from criminal liability if the motorist had a reasonable belief that their actions were necessary to protect themselves from serious injury or death. The bill would also impose penalties for protesters that "unlawfully obstruct streets or highways, blocking vehicles," KFOR-TV reported.

"We actually saw this happen here in Oklahoma last year when a Tulsa family was surrounded by rioters. Through no fault of their own, they were caught in a dangerous situation, and fearing for their lives, they 

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