Sunday, April 18, 2021

The entitled class erupts once again

Portland erupts in a riot after angry BLM protestors loot businesses and set fire to an Apple store after cops shot a white man in a local park

  • A white man in his 30s was shot dead by a police officer in the Lents Park neighborhood of Portland on Friday afternoon
  • Soon after, angry protesters gathered at the scene and tried to breach an area cordoned off for investigation
  • As night fell, tensions in the city spilled over, as protesters clashed with cops in the city's downtown area 
  • Rioters smashed in windows of businesses, burglarized stores and set large fires 
  • Four people were arrested after cops declared a riot at 9.30pm 
  • There were violent scenes in cities across the country as demonstrators gathered to protest recent police shootings in Chicago and Minneapolis
  • 100 people were arrested in Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis after cops declared an unlawful assembly t

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