Sunday, April 24, 2022

Another illegal immigrant murderer

The handyman accused of murdering a Queens mother was an illegal immigrant, according to multiple reports. 

David Bonola, 44, was the handyman for Orsolya Gaal – a 51-year-old married mother of two from Queens, New York. The two developed an on-again, off-again "intimate" relationship that began about two years ago, according to police. 

"Bonola is said to have further told the detectives that he had seen text messages she exchanged with another man, and had gone to talk to her about that shortly after midnight on Saturday," the Daily Beast reported.

Gaal returned to her Forest Hills home shortly after midnight on Saturday after attending a show at the Lincoln Center and having a drink at a local bar. Bonola was purportedly waiting outside Gaal's home when she arrived. Gaal allegedly let the man she was having an extramarital affair with into her home. 

"Because she knew him, she let him into the house," said assistant district attorney Josh Garland. "He then engaged her in a verbal dispute and unfortunately she had to ask him to leave multiple times."

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