Sunday, April 17, 2022

Wealth redistribution or reparations?

Wild video shows woman rammed by car as she tries to flee robbery

Wild video shows the moment two California thieves ram a woman with a car before jumping out and snatching her watch.

The video, released by the Los Angeles Police Department, shows the frantic victim running on foot into the middle of a busy city street in broad daylight on April 11.

She tries to flag down a white SUV in the three-lane, one-way street while she is pursued by a silver Dodge Challenger. The SUV swerves around the woman and speeds off as the Dodge accelerates and plows into her.

A Good Samaritan on foot appears to try to rush to help the woman but backs away as the two robbers run out of the car and grab something off the ground, the video shows. The Samaritan then returns to the victim, who sustained only minor injuries, cops said in a news release.

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