Saturday, April 30, 2022

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Snitch U: Survey shows 56% of colleges encourage students to rat on one another

Now that the wokesters have taken over universities and school administrators now outnumber professors, how's life in academia these days? How are things now that diversity staff outnumber history professors?

The Daily Caller has a report:

Over half of the U.S.’s private and public colleges encourage students to snitch on each other, according to a report released Monday by a free speech non-profit.

Of the 821 higher education institutions surveyed, 56% of them are reported to have some form of a “Bias Reporting System” (BRS), according to the report from Speech First (SF), a free speech member organization. The report surveyed 441 private schools, or 23% of all private four year colleges in the U.S. and 380 public schools, or 49% of the country’s four-year public universities.

BRSs are university teams or procedures that aim to solicit, receive, investigate and respond to reports of “bias incidents,” which are used to “silence dissenters,” “stifle open dialogue” and “encourage students to turn informant on speech they seem unacceptable,” according to SF. The BRSs typically invite students and faculty to report “biased” speech on the basis of protected characteristics such as race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age disability or someone’s “political affiliation.”

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