Monday, November 14, 2022

Note who is left out of this equity equation...this is an extortion racket

NYC passes 'racial equity' measures, adds promise to remedy 'continuing harms' in city charter

Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio established the NYC Racial Justice Commission in 2021 to address 'structural racism within NYC'

New York City voters approved three ballot questions on Tuesday concerning race proposed by the city's Racial Justice Commission.

Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio established the commission in 2021 as a "temporary appointed government body that is tasked with reviewing the entire City Charter and proposing amendments," according to the commission’s 2021 final report. 

One of the ballot measures approved in the Nov. 8 election creates a permanent Office of Racial Equity within the city government, along with a Racial Equity Commission to establish priorities and "review agency and citywide Racial Equity Plans."

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