Monday, November 13, 2023

Black on white murder

'Cowardly violence is pathetic': Father speaks out after teen son is brutally beaten to death in Las Vegas by 15 teenagers

The teenage boy who was severely beaten by a group of students in Las Vegas, Nevada has DIED of his injuries. Jonathan Lewis, was beaten by up to 15 boys at his school and was subsequently put on life support in critical condition. However, he has now passed away- his devastated father has confirmed. His father, Jonathon Lewis Sr said the fight broke out after 17 year old “Jonathan stood up for one of his smaller friends.” "A couple [of children] attacked him and they weren’t able to hurt him enough, and they all attacked him at once.” The boy was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries on Nov. 1 after police officers found him about 2:05 p.m. bleeding from the head off of Searles Avenue and North 21st Street. T Source: Las Vegas Review Journal

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