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The anti Semites of NYC...will the DA prosecute for hate speech. Make him unemployable so he can go back to where he came from

Wall Street banker fired over viral video of him telling a Jewish American man to ‘go back to your country’

A Wall Street analyst has been fired after he was filmed telling a Jewish American to “go back to your country” while he also covered hostage posters with signs accusing Israel of being an “apartheid state” committing “genocide.”

Freepoint Commodities confirmed in a statement that the employee seen in a now-viral video “is no longer associated with” the company that “does not tolerate discrimination and hate speech directed against any group.”

He was identified by journalist Andy Ngo as being Kurush Mistry, which sources later also confirmed to the Financial Times. The woman with him — who called Israelis “rapists” — was his partner, Shailja Gupta, the reports said. 

Ngo said the clip — which has already been viewed more than 6.5 million times — was filmed last Thursday at the intersection of 68th Street and Riverside Boulevard.

The man filming is heard asking the couple for their names and if they’re “proud” covering the posters of some of the more than 200 people still held hostage by Hamas terrorists.

A man identified as Kurush Mistry was fired from his position as an oil analyst for a Connecticut-based commodities company after a video emerged of him telling a Jewish American to go back to his country.
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“None of your f–king business dude, f–k off,” the woman snaps angrily as she and the man both flip their middle fingers at the camera.

Asked again if they’re “real proud” of themselves, the man replies defiantly: ‘Very proud. Very proud.”

The man identified as Mistry then held up the flyer they were taping over the posters, which read: “Israel is an apartheid state and commits genocide.”

“Go live in Israel … go back to your country!” he tells the person confronting them, who replies: “I’m an American. I’m an American Jew.”

Video posted online showed Mistry and his partner covering up hostage posters with signs accusing Israel of committing “genocide.”
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The woman repeatedly told the Jewish man to “f– off” and accused Israelis of being “rapists.”
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The woman identified as Gupta also recorded the incident, telling the man: “I am also a f–king American, darling … Me too, so then you f–k off as well.”

She then claims that the Jewish man doesn’t “want my f–king country to exist,” stating she means “Palestine” — calling him an “uneducated prick” when he notes it is not a country. 

Later on in the video, Gupta accuses Israelis of being “rapists,” claiming, “I’ve already proved it.”

The couple’s identities were confirmed by two sources in the Financial Times, as Mistry was terminated from his job at Freepoint Commodities.
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Freepoint Commodities, a Stamford, Ct. based company, released a statement saying it was “aware of the recent antisemitic incident reported on social media, and the individual involved is no longer associated with Freepoint.

“We welcome the diversity of views and opinions held by our employees, but Freepoint does not tolerate discrimination and hate speech directed against any group,” the statement said.

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Mistry had worked at Freepoint Commodities for nine years, according to his LinkedIn profile. He was previously employed by Morgan Stanley, Barclays, and Lehman Brothers.

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