Thursday, November 16, 2023

The Left sees things that aren't there for political gain

MSNBC guest claims white supremacists attend pro-Palestinian rallies, but here’s why her argument is dead wrong

Guest Karen Dunn had some interesting (and completely ridiculous) information to share with MSNBC host Jen Psaki. 

“Why are white supremacists showing up at these pro-Palestinian rallies? What do they want out of this?” Psaki asked.

“What they want is an all white ethno-state in North America. And as crazy as that sounds, that's actually an articulated goal of the Neo-Nazi and white supremacist movement in the U.S. And one of the things that helps them rally the troops is anti-Semitism,” Dunn explained. 

“So, now in the U.S., we're experiencing a massive uptick in anti-Semitism incidents ... and the white supremacist Neo-Nazi groups see an opportunity to advance some of the same themes, some of the same anti-Semitic tropes, that they've been plugging away at for years,” she continued.

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