Sunday, November 12, 2023

When political disagreements become 'hate' speech there is no freedom

European Parliament Lifts Immunity Of Conservative MEPs Facing Criminal Charges For Retweeting Criticism Of Illegal Immigration

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SUNDAY, NOV 12, 2023 - 05:10 AM

Via Remix News,

The European Parliament has voted to lift the immunity of four of Poland’s governing party’s MEPs who have been accused of violating hate crime laws for endorsing an election advert that warned of the dangers of mass immigration.

Beata Kempa, Beata Mazurek, Patryk Jaki, and Tomasz Poreba could now face charges in their homeland for racially aggravated offenses after they retweeted and liked a Law and Justice (PiS) election video on social media ahead of local elections in 2018.

The video warned of the threats that an influx of illegal immigrants to Europe could cause and linked “enclaves of Muslim refugees” with sexual assaults and violent attacks.

It also suggested that a government formed by the Civic Coalition (KO), the largest opposition grouping, would lead to an influx of illegal immigration that would make residents “afraid to go out on the streets after dark.”

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