Monday, September 27, 2021

Classrooms my only show anti American, Marxist, anti white images

Washington state school BANS teacher from hanging pro-police flag in her classroom because it's too 'political' - but BLM and Pride banners are allowed

  • A teacher in Washington was reportedly forced to take down a Thin Blue Line flag from her classroom that she hung up to honor her brother
  • District officials told her that they had concerns about the message it portrayed
  • The teacher had originally had a Thin Blue Line sticker on her laptop, which an assistant principal at Marysville Middle School took incident with
  • But after that subsided, the teacher posted the flag
  • Another assistant principal then told her to take that down or face repercussions
  • The district, meanwhile, allows Black Lives Matter and Pride flags to be hung up
  • has reached out to the Marysville School District for comment 

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